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2021 Update

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How good are holidays? Time to relax, unwind, be with family and maybe do some planning for your beauty salon (for me anyway)!

We have hit the deck running and I can’t believe our first week of 2021 is already over. We have some exciting plans for this year – some I can share and some you will have to wait for. I have been busy upskilling over the break and I have completed my Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Advanced Skin courses. I have also almost completed my advanced skin needling training! Look out for big things happening in the skin department for TLHOB with the purchase of our skin needling device and the bt-micro.

Farewell, Kim Jacobsen xx

This year is kicking off to be bittersweet; as we welcome new therapist Kodie, we also farewell our beloved Kimmy! Many of you probably don’t know that Kim has been supporting me long before TLHOB was even born. Kim was living at the Gold Coast while I was travelling back and forward for beauty school and whenever time would permit, she would come and be my model for services on exam days. Kim helped me imagine and create a vision for the salon, often sending through Pinterest ideas through all hours of the night. Fast forward to one Easter when Kim was home and she came for makeup and we chatted about her moving back to Gladstone. I was so excited! I gave her a couple of weeks to settle in then asked her out for coffee so I could put the “hard word’ on her… Kim joined me in July 2019 and together TLHOB team was born.

Kim has supported my dream from day one and she gives all of herself tirelessly to everything she does. That’s why when we chatted late last year about where the salon was going in 2021, it was important for me to ensure I was giving Kim the same support she has always given me to reach for the stars. While Kim isn’t quite sure where her path will lead her just yet, rest assured she is still our number one fan, as are we hers! We love you Kimmy and we are going to miss you immensely but we can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you!


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