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A question we are being asked more and more is "should my skin peel when using vitamin A?" and as the #ExpertsInVitaminA, we wanted to give you the lowdown... IF I DON'T PEEL, IS SOMETHING WRONG? Our vitamin A products are designed to be gentle but effective, so the majority of people won’t experience any redness/peeling if they slowly phase Medik8 vitamin A into their routine and use the appropriate strength. Incredibly that includes all of our Intelligent Retinols as well as our extremely powerful, 11 times faster Crystal Retinal franchise where we've managed the potential side effects with ingenious crystal encapsulation. If you have not peeled or experienced any redness/tingling when using vitamin A it is not indicative of whether or not the product is working. Whether your skin peels or not is entirely dependent on your skin condition. And not everyone even experiences these symptoms of 'retinization' as it is known.


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